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Quite bold, original, and fun.

but when it comes to exercise & healthy living, you’re not where you want to be.

Because what could be more boring than doing the same thing over and over again?

Plus, all the fitness “gurus” look exactly the same. As if they came out of a ceramic mold. *yawn* 

You’re bored out of your mind!

Are you ready to switch it up and do something different?

Are you ready to enjoy moving your body again?

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Hi, I’m Kola (just like Coca-Cola).

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer (BSc., CPT), Nutritionist, and the trusted workout expert for women looking to get confident, toned and healthy.

Almost 2 million followers rely on my proven workouts to get great results.

Because I’ve helped so many women, I’ve learned quickly to understand everyone. 

Checkout all those certifications and awards 😅

It is because I understand you that I care so deeply about you.

I truly care about your life. Your confidence. Your health. And your results.

My workouts include only science-based, tried and true methods that work.

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Kola from Koboko Fitness

Confession: I’m not a fan of transformation photos.

But I’m sharing these from my personal journey. Just In case you want to see them.

Kola from Koboko Fitness


Koboko Fitness Review 2.600
Koboko Fitness Review


I believe that your body is much more than a pretty thing for other people to look at.

It is more than a glorified clothes hanger.

I believe that your body is the vehicle that will help you do the thing you were born to do.

The thing that only you can do.

Therefore, you must:

Love your body
Move your body
Respect your body

When i say I am here to help you change your life, it is not just cute, fancy talk.

It is my mission and my deepest intention.
I believe that when you realize what your body can do, you will also realize who you can be.

And last but not least,

I believe that it is never too late to write a new story.

Wherever you are and whatever you’ve been through – I believe in you.

As with all good things, space is available only to those with serious intention to take action.