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These amazing women have continued Koboko workouts for at least 28 days. Your results may vary.

2 week challenge pricing

one-time payment. lifetime access. (not a subscription)

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Results You Will Get from the Challenge

Get Toned

You will be doing science-based toning exercises that work.
We will tone your arms, abs, and work on lifting your booty.

Lose 2 - 12 pounds

You will also be doing cardio exercises to boost your calorie burn.
And easy to follow meal plans are provided.

Feel Good

Are you tired of putting everyone else first?
Feel good again by committing to yourself for just 2-weeks.

challenge dates:
You pick your own CONVENIENT start date when you join!

Your Challenge Includes:

  • 2-week Full HD Video Workout Program 
  • Daily Accountability
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Meal Plans
  • Private Facebook Community Support Group
  • 3 Full Recipe Books (download instantly)
2 week challenge pricing

one-time payment. lifetime access.
(not a subscription)

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You get effective toning and fat burning workouts. Your workouts in the 2-week challenge are:

  • Fast (all 30 min or less)
  • Convenient (At home workouts only – no gym)
  • No equipment needed
  • Often standing only workouts (no need to get on the floor to exercise)
  • Focused on helping you get toned, lose 2-12 pounds, and feel good again 
  • Full-length HD videos (not PDFs or short demonstrations)
  • Professional (created by a Certified Personal Trainer, CPT)

You get an extra boost of motivation – everyday.

All you have to do, is start your challenge. 

From there, you will receive check-ins via email everyday. Until your challenge is complete.

You are fully supported at all times. 

The Quick Start Guide provides detailed information about how to achieve the best results. 

For example, it includes:

  • The simple secret to success (page 7)
  • How to enjoy Daily Accountability (page 9)
  • Inspiring photos of previous challenge successes (page 13)
  • Your challenge checklist (page 27)

You get real meal plans created by a Registered Dietitian. 

There are a total of 6 complete meal plans included (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack).

  • 1,500 calorie easy & fast meal plan
  • 1,500 calorie vegan meal plan
  • 1,500 calorie gluten free meal plan 
  • 1,200 calorie easy & fast meal plan
  • 1,200 calorie vegan meal plan
  • 1,200 calorie gluten free meal plan 
Every meal plan comes with a customized, curated grocery shopping list.
Please note: This challenge is not about dieting and restriction.
It is about taking care of yourself.
Your #1 goal is to show up everyday and do your workouts. 
The meal plans are only a bonus to support you if you need to clean up your diet.

Join over 500 women in the private support group helping each other everyday!

Discover how others are doing and what is working for them.

Help others by sharing your favorite recipes and encouraging words.

This group is FREE to join with your purchase today.

You get delicious easy recipes. All the recipe books are full color. And you get all three of them to download instantly!

  • Vegan Recipe Book (37 pages)
  • Easy & Fast Recipe Book (35 pages)
  • Gluten Free Recipe Book (33 pages)

Meet Your Trainer

My name is Kola (just like Coca-Cola).

I’m a mom, wife, Certified Personal Trainer, and Nutritionist.
With BSc, NS, CPT Certifications from Stanford, ACE, and ISSA.

Almost 2 million followers rely on my workouts to get amazing results.

My secret this: my programs only include science-based, tried and true methods that work.

Yes, life is busy and overwhelming. But you deserve to take care of you too. 

Take the 2-week challenge. It will change your life.

Pic of Kola from Koboko Fitness

Also Included


one-time payment. lifetime access.
(not a subscription)

challenge dates:
You pick your own CONVENIENT start date when you join!


It is a 2-week commitment to a healthier you.

You get everything you need to get toned, lose 2-12 pounds, and feel good in your body again. 

You can start on any day that is easiest for you.

You pick your own CONVENIENT start date when you join.

I’ll then keep you accountable to help you finish the challenge!

You have lifetime access (including all future updates) – so you can do as many rounds of the challenge as you want. No restrictions. No limits.

No, there are no hidden fees.

It is NOT a subscription. You pay one time and you have access for life.

Including all future updates

Koboko Fitness has a strict no-refunds policy. Thank you for your understanding.


Yes, exercise is required because this is not a diet.

This is a challenge that is perfect for people that are tired of dieting.

Remember – you are doing this for you.

The workouts in this challenge are fast and they work. 

You won’t even notice the time flying by!

A beautiful, intelligent, courageous, and amazing person such as yourself 🙂

Okay seriously. Anyone age 18+ can do this challenge.

It is designed specifically for busy, women that want to get healthy – the right way.

Yes, this challenge is open worldwide. Join in!

Your Healthy Lifestyle Begins in

2 Simple Steps


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