Are You Ready for This?

Did you know my workouts can help you burn stubborn fat? I get it. Life is busy – but we’ve got to take care of your body too! Your curves are beautiful. Now let’s make them strong too. You have a lot of life to live. So let’s have you live it in the healthiest … Read more

Make Time for Exercise

The path to Dr. Osayi’s success was regular exercise. As a student, she had a packed schedule. With classes, family and social obligations, her calendar was FULL. Yet, she prioritized both exercise and rest. Sometimes it feels impossible to balance it all. Dr. Osayi found that exercise and rest lowered her stress, improved her focus, … Read more

Good News & Bad News

Let’s do the bad news first. Bad news: there are no shortcuts to losing weight (and keeping it off). But you knew that already. Good news: it is possible to lose weight and keep it off. How? Consistency! Yea, I can’t stand me too. But have I told a single lie ? Start your free … Read more

Love Yourself Enough To Exercise

Too often, we forget to prioritise ourselves and make time for our health. That’s why I want to introduce how amazing Blair is! Blair encourages everyone to love themselves. Her priority was to exercise to improve her health. Yes, sometimes, she felt not–so-motivated and a bit tired. But she overcame these obstacles and encouraged other … Read more

To Thine Own Self Be True

The thing about being true to yourself is from Shakespeare. To me, it means remembering yourself. Taking care of yourself. Not leaving yourself for last. Because you deserve the best of you – not just the crumbs. Are you ready to make yourself a priority too? Start your free trial today Here’s what’s happening this … Read more