3 Things You Don’t Need in Your Workout

I want to help you simplify your life today. Here are a few things that you don’t need if you’re trying to improve your health or lose weight. Jump squats: Unless you’re an athlete, regular squats are safer and more effective. Gym equipment: Bodyweight exercises are well researched and time tested. They work. Six pack … Read more

What are toning exercises?

Have you ever wondered what EXACTLY “toning” exercises do? 🙂 As a Personal Trainer, I’m excited to share! Various people use the word, “toning”, differently. So, I can only speak for Koboko Fitness workouts. Koboko Fitness toning workouts work internally and externally as follows: Internally: these exercises are proven to increase the QUALITY of your … Read more

Are you in the best shape of your life?

Do you feel like you’re in the best shape of your life? Honestly, the answer to that question doesn’t matter. What matters is that you feel beautiful, strong, and healthy in your body. This has been a lifelong journey for me too. So maybe you are in the best shape of your life…or maybe not…doesn’t … Read more

Is weight loss hard?

Have you ever felt that losing weight is hard? I know I have! May I offer a fresh perspective? What if we switch from “this is so hard” to “I am worth the effort”? How would weight loss feel then? 🙂 Just a thought I wanted to share with you today. Start your free trial … Read more

Need to lose 30 pounds?

Many of us gained weight during the past 2 years. Myself included 🙂 If you’re trying to lose that weight – I have a life-changing tip for you! Work on losing only 10 pounds. Once you achieve that, then work on the next 10.. And so on. This really works. I’ve tried it myself and … Read more

3 extra useful things to know about weight loss 👀

The truth is, weight loss is hard. But it is possible – with the right approach. The right approach is: Consistent exercise Healthy diet Delusional levels of optimism LOL (no lie) HOWEVER, there are 3 extra things we often ignore. SLEEP – we all need more of this. Including myself. Sleep is essential for weight … Read more

The Best Fat-Burning Exercises

You need to try this week’s incredible Tabata workout! It helps burn fat! It will also improve your endurance every single time you do it. Start your free trial today Don’t miss these amazing workouts this week! 👇 Monday: Tone your lowerbody and burn fat with this workout Tuesday: Burn more fat and tone arms … Read more