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8 Week Booty Fix Workout Program


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Get this proven workout program to grow your butt AT HOME without gym equipment.

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  • Quick & effective 30 min workouts (no equipment needed) 
  • All workouts are full length HD videos (no PDF workouts!)
  • Clear structure & instructions in every workout (no guesswork)


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I really appreciate the fact that results are seen.
Juanita H.
I’ve never done a workout program before and having set workouts I’m supposed to do every day has been amazing! Kola’s personality in her videos makes it hard to dislike what you’re doing. The workouts themselves are difficult enough without making me feel like my body is going to fall apart after each one. I love working my body with this program and I'm excited to keep going!
Annwyn B.
I have had so much fun doing these workouts and I have actually stayed consistent for once. Very well pleased and very happy with the motivation I get from these videos and from Koboko Fitness
It has been difficult for me. However, I love the different varieties of workouts that are provided along with the schedule! I originally went with this so I could work on my booty however, I’ve noticed weight loss in my upper body along with my waist and stomach ! I am feeling great and I can’t wait to see my results! Thank you!
I like how the workouts are attainable, and if I am just not feeling it that day that there are options (ex: lunges usually have standing marches instead). Variety keeps me coming back so I am still moving each day!
Emily P.
The intensity build up did not make the workouts feel exhausting and allowed me to focus and lots of energy into each workout. I felt a real change in my body, I saw my lower body get more toned and the shapes more defined and that feels amazing.
Ana E.
Everything is going great! Awesome trainer! I love the energy and encouragement!
Michele A.
Love the Daily exercises and love how strong I am feeling!
Debora P.

The 8-Week Booty Fix workout program helps you grow your booty at home – without gym equipment.

No equipment is needed to complete the workouts. Buy now.

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ONE TIME payment – NO automatic subscription

lifetime access – including all future updates!


Once you buy now, you will be immediately redirected to the catalog page where you will get instant access to all 8 weeks of workouts. 

To access the program using the iPhone, Android, Roku, or FireTV apps, simply search for “Koboko Fitness” in the app store and download the app. 

Easy peasy.

When you get the program, you will also have the option to add on the eating guide (sold separately) which clearly explains how to figure out what to eat for the absolute best results.

You too can grow your booty at home

Instead of spending hours at the gym, the 8-week booty fix gets you results in just 30 minutes per workout.

All of your workouts are in full HD video format – meaning, I do every single workout with you from beginning to end. 

My name is Kola and I am a Certified Personal Trainer. I have helped thousands of women find confidence again through my fun and effective workout programs.

The Booty Fix Workout Program is extremely popular for many reasons!

You never have to guess whether you’re doing the exercises correctly and you never have to google how to do something.

Everything you need is right there for you in one convenient package. 

When you get the 8-week booty fix, you will be granted access to the exclusive workout portal where you can see your entire schedule at a glance.

8 weeks from now, you will be smiling at your selfie in the mirror. Are you ready for that? 

You may have even tried some booty exercises yourself. But you can’t help but feel that you’re not quite reaching your full potential.

Your bikini doesn’t fit the way you want. Your photos don’t come out the way you want. And maybe you’ve even been made fun of. 

You feel frustrated because you love yourself. But you also really want a round, perky butt. 

It’s good that you’re giving this some thought. Butt workouts, done correctly, have helped SO many women increase their confidence!

As a person who struggled for years to love and accept my body, I can tell you that change begins on the inside.

Once that hard work is done, let me tell you – it doesn’t hurt to work for the booty you want!



Expertly designed to get you a rounder, perkier, butt!


Not just PDFs!


Awesome warm up, workout, and cool down everytime!


Get inspired by others doing the program!

No Ads!

No annoying ads that interrupt your workout!

Lots of Fun

You just have to try it for yourself!


This program requires a ONE-TIME payment which gets you lifetime access – including all future updates!
No subscription required!